Lynn Curtis

Literary Consultant & Editor

From Authors

Lynn Curtis gave me detailed, structured and invaluable advice on my first book, Hue & Cry. Her close, perceptive reading skills and knowledge of the market were perfectly on target, and helped the manuscript to find its way to publication
Shirley McKay, author of the Hew Cullan novels
I thoroughly enjoy working with Lynn. She takes time to understand the story before starting her edit and works hard to develop ideas with the author rather than just prescribing changes Duncan Jepson, author of All the Flowers in Shanghai
Lynn is not only an incisive, sympathetic critic but a truly creative collaborator. She has an uncanny knack of seeing straight into the heart of your writing project, and helps you to understand what you are doing and where it needs to go next. Her knowledge of both high and popular culture is second to none. I would particularly recommend her to new writers, since she has the patience to explain the basics of plot, character, theme and style Xan Silverwood
Lynn gave my draft novel a thorough going over and presented me with copious notes. Her report held a good balance of positive and critical feedback, all of it constructive and well argued, and I came gradually to see that it was all spot on too. She gave me some personal recommendations to agents. Added to all this, she is approachable and good value. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her Diane Chandler
Lynn is one of those editors who seem to work magic. She recognises the pitfalls and errors that writers fall into. Through experience and talent, she has the ability to help improve a manuscript from start to finish until it is ready for publication. Not only is she brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Whether you’re a new author or an experienced one, I highly recommend Lynn Kate Mayfield

From Publishers

Lynn worked with me on projects large and small for more than twenty years and proved invaluable in her editorial judgement and sensitive in her dealings with authors Susan Fletcher, Founding Director of Headline
We have used Lynn Curtis for both structural edits and copy-editing at Transworld many times. Her work is always extremely thorough and considered and I would not hesitate to recommend her Judith Welsh, Managing Editor of Transworld
Lynn has worked on translations of Peony’s Chinese writers as well as manuscripts written in English. Her work has been invaluable and the authors have all found publishers. They include Su Tong (Transworld), Yan Geling (Chatto & Windus) and Duncan Jepson (HarperCollins US). Her work has always been of the highest standard and she is always professional with deadlines. I would recommend Lynn very highly Marysia Jusczakiewicz, Peony Literary Agency
I have worked with Lynn Curtis for many years. I have always found her thoroughly professional, conscientious, reliable, and in every way an expert in her field. I have also recommended her work to other people Judy Piatkus, Founder of Piatkus Books
With her wealth of experience across a variety of genres, Lynn is an extremely knowledgeable editor with meticulously high standards, and it is a pleasure to work with her Joanna Taylor, Managing Editor of Cornerstone Publishing
Lynn copy-edits a wide range of fiction and non-fiction for our list. We are always delighted with the quality of her work. Lynn is reliable and always meets deadlines. She is a pleasure to work with and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough Nicola Taplin, Managing Editor of Preface Publishing

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